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Why Invest In Off-Plan Projects?

While only few immediate buyers opt for ready-to-move-in projects,  if there’s no rush, off-plan projects can be the ideal choice in Dubai. Let us explain why? .

  1. Attractive Payment Plan – Off-plan projects always have buyer-friendly payment plans with smaller booking, easing your entry into real estate investment without financial strain. Note: Many developers these days offer post-handover payment plans too.
  2. Guaranteed High-Return – Investing in off-plan projects guarantees high returns as the area expands and develops, causing off-plan values to rise significantly.
  3. Buyers Friendly Regulation – Dubai’s real estate market is exceptionally secure, even for foreign buyers, thanks to RERA regulations. Payments are held securely and only released to developers as construction progresses, guaranteeing the safety of buyers.
  4. Peace Of Mind – With investment in off-plan projects, buyers not only get the brand new projects but also a one-year Defects Liability Period. Developers are responsible for fixing defects, and there’s a 10-year structural guarantee.
  5. Best Options From Reputed Developers – When choosing off-plan projects, you have access to the finest options from renowned developers, ensuring top-notch construction quality and timely delivery.

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