Ajman, Sharjah and RAK Emerge as Real Estate Gems With 11.5%+ ROI And 40% Rent Hikes

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Undoubtedly, Investment in Dubai brings countless benefits but property prices are quite high in the Golden City. But, still, if you want to generate Dirham only then you can think beyond Dubai.

Yes! There are three primary locations in the UAE where you can consider real estate investment. One is Sharjah – the capital of UAE, second one is Ras Al Khaimah – and the third, on the list is Ajman. So, this blog is all about these three gems of UAE where recently real estate has seen unprecedented growth. Hence, stay tuned to this blog and you will find the investment opportunities here, for sure!

Last year in 2023, these three areas of the UAE saw significant growth with 11.5% ROI and 40% rent hikes which is a sign of profit and an invitation to avid investors to choose these areas as their investment zone.

So, here I have brought to you the 2023 real estate data of these 3 cities so that you can understand and get an idea about the location and their ROI & Rental prices and according to that you can plan your next investment.