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Damac Lagoons

About Damac Lagoons

DAMAC Lagoons is a 45 million sq.ft freehold community by the prestigious developer DAMAC Properties. It’s a Mediterranean-inspired gated community with 4 main gates. The community is beautifully featured with 8 different clusters which are named after the most vibrant waterfront cities such as Venice, Morocco, Costa Brava, Nice, Malta, Andalusia, Portofino, and Santorini.

Each community is dedicatedly planned with different amenities such as Venice is a fun hub inspired by the narrow streets of Venice city. Morocco is a tranquillity hub; the cluster is inspired by the port city of Tangier and its stunning architecture and here in this cluster it reflects the same. Costa Brava cluster is an Adrenaline hub, inspired by the unspoilt coves, the cluster is designed with a stunning view of the valleys of Catalonia.

Nice cluster is known for its youth hub and has beaches, olive trees and the sun-soaked charm of the French Riviera. Similarly, the Malta cluster is represented as a play-and-learn hub. This cluster is inspired by the honey-stone buildings, domes and spires and elegant old-town streets of Valletta.

Andalusia cluster is a ladies’ hub home to a spa & beauty salon. Portofino cluster is good for work & play – inspired by the picturesque harbour of an Italian village. And finally, the Santorini cluster – the world’s most photogenic destination quite known for its white sandy beaches, cluster is designed with a fitness & wellness zone including a climbing wall.

  • 45 million sq. ft freehold development
  • Man-made lagoons
  • 9,000+ villa
  • 176,650 sq.m water spaces
  • Luxurious villas and townhouses
  • Waterfront living
  • Artificial Sand Beaches
  • 9 Mediterranean-Inspired Clusters
  • Beaches
  • pools
  • fitness centres
  • Playgrounds

Available Projects in Damac Lagoons