Zabeel Park

About Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is the biggest and most beautiful Park of Dubai. Zabeel Park is also known as ‘Dubai’s lungs’ this means that the park reduces pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases release by vehicles in Dubai.

The Zabeel Park is a great place to enjoy the sun shine and play with your family members, friends and kids. In the vast size of park you can find one of the top attractions in the area and that’s the Dubai Frame, Here peoples can enjoy the miraculous view of the both older and newer Zones. There are many sections inside the park, each with its own theme and plants
Also it has many other attractions including an aviary, children’s play area, and a large pond where you can do boating. Here is a small food court and has several activities for children, Zabeel park entry fee is just 5 AED (1.36 $ Dollar) that’s way you should visit with your loved ones. An excellent location to enjoy a weekend picnic. The park is 50 hectares in size (equal the size of 45 Football Stadiums). The park also features a giant cricket ground and a 30-metre tall geyser fountain.

  • live music
  • barbecue
  • picnic areas
  • food kiosks
  • boat rides

Available Projects in Zabeel Park