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About Bloom Holdings Development

loom Holding stands as a pioneering real estate developer in the UAE, dedicated to shaping modern and sustainable communities. Their commitment revolves around the development of premium real estate, fostering education, delivering exceptional services, and elevating hospitality experiences. At the core of their mission is a dedication to surpassing the expectations of buyers and investors. Bloom Holding envision and execute projects that not only promise attractive returns on investment but also contribute significantly to the economic potential of the UAE.

With an extensive track record, they have successfully developed and managed over 5,000 units across the UAE, and their forward momentum continues with an additional 5,000 units in the pipeline. This includes a diverse portfolio comprising 1,000 premium residential homes for lease, 630 hotel rooms, high-grade office spaces, and a network of 18 schools. Bloom Holding is committed to shaping the future of urban living and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the UAE.