Dubai South Properties

About Dubai South

Dubai South is a government body that operates mostly in southern parts of Dubai and majorly focuses on the aviation and logistic ecosystem. This government body is run by Chairman H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Executive Chairman H.E Khalifa Al Zaffin. Many remarkable projects under different sectors garner attention in the southern region of Dubai which is mostly developed by the Dubai South. The region is dedicated to logistics, MBR Aerospace Hub, and commercial, and residential developments.

The entire community is sprawled over 145 Sq. km where the developer has reserved 7 sq.m for a leading aerospace hub, MBRAH. is reserved for a multimodal logistic hub. Additionally, a 920,000 sq.m zone is dedicated to enhancing e-commerce facilities in the UAE.

MBR Aerso Space Hub is a diverse aviation ecosystem on the doorstep of Al Maktoum International Airport – which will soon be the world’s largest airport and will occupy the top global air, sea and road transport network. Similarly, many commercial and retail infrastructures are well-developed and provide leased office spaces, and a business centre with smart desks, so for investment opportunities, this is the best place where you would get assets at affordable and highly competitive rates.

Undoubtedly, Dubai South has delivered many flagship residential projects. Further, Dubai South has created the first leasehold staff accommodation including 16 best-in-class buildings, first-rate leisure and sports facilities, well-equipped medical rooms, and self-cooking facilities.

Dubai South supports all types of facilities by building the Dubai South community which is now home to 150 nationals. Many developments are taking place here and provide 500,000 jobs.