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About East and West Properties

Welcome to East and West Properties (EWP), a distinguished developer at the forefront of luxury real estate across the UAE and beyond. Established in 1993, EWP has become synonymous with opulence and refined living, offering a discreet haven for those with an eye for excellence.

Our journey as a developer began with a commitment to unmatched quality, as evidenced in our meticulously crafted exquisite villas. Over the years, we’ve evolved alongside the dynamic real estate landscape of the UAE, blending luxury with innovative design to meet and exceed the expectations of the global market.

Our team of seasoned professionals expertly navigates the complexities of diverse development projects, delivering efficiency and exceptional results on time. We are steadfast in our dedication to sustainability, integrating eco-conscious practices into our developments, setting a standard for a greener future in real estate.

EWP is more than a real estate entity; it is a gateway to exploring some of the most prestigious development projects in the UAE and internationally. Tailored for the astute investor and discerning individuals, our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to luxury and innovative design. Join us in this remarkable journey, where we continue to redefine excellence in every endeavor.

Available Projects by East and West Properties