Mered Properties

About Mered

MERED is an international real estate developer with it’s headquarters in Dubai. We design and develop innovative, high-end destinations that enrich people’s lives.

We are more than just a premium real estate developer. We are a carefully curated collective of industry experts, including designers, architects, engineers, contractors, artisans, and others. Our dedication lies in co-creating unique places that increase in value over time, become integral and enjoyable parts of people’s lives, and stand the test of time in terms of their exceptional building quality.

We are a multinational team of like-minded experts united by an inspiring vision and strong values. Driven by strategic cooperation, we do not just develop buildings made of glass and concrete – we create timeless masterpieces designed to become landmarks and witnesses to the turn of centuries. Our projects are places that fulfill residents’ aspirations and enhance their lives while providing them with unparalleled quality and services