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Harmony Real Estate specializes in the off-plan property market and offers a bespoke sourcing and acquisitions service for buyers. We are your one-stop property experts in Dubai! If you are interested in buying property in Dubai, whether it’s a villa, an apartment or office space, we can help you find exactly what you need by instantly connecting you with Dubai’s top real estate developers.

We provide a bespoke property sourcing service where we work with closely with you, our client on a one-to-one basis to reduce the time, inconvenience and frustration often associated with property searching.

Finding properties at the right price in the highly competitive Dubai market demands knowledge of many factors. For example: price per square foot can vary from one Dubai borough to another and from street to street. Even the prices of properties on different floors of the same block can show a huge variation.

Harmony Real Estate take these and other factors into account when negotiating a purchase. It’s important to have experienced buying agents in place to ensure that you and your money are not sucked into an inflationary property-price spiral


We identify the best properties at the right price by exploring all options available both on and off market through our extensive network of industry contacts.

Each property search begins with a free no obligation consultation – either by phone or in person – where we start by forming a relationship with you. Our property consultants work closely with you to understand your property requirements and identify your investment objectives and timescales. We can then devise an investment strategy and deploy our expert negotiating skills to secure the best possible deal on your behalf.


Buying a property is much more than just location and price. We carry out a thorough review of what you are looking to purchase and the aspirations behind your ownership goals. For investment purposes, returns and exit strategy must be considered.

For a family purchase, our consultants will consider numerous factors – where you work, schools, location, transport links for commuting and so on.


We then work with you to compile a focused and realistic brief which identifies your financial objectives, resources and timescales to start your property search. The client brief considers your requirements and preferences relating to the style, condition, size and location. If you are not fully familiar with all the locations of your chosen area, we can advise on different areas and options that may be suitable.


Based on your specific requirements in the client brief, we will create a proposal that will meet your property objectives. This may be a single strategy, or it could be a mix of different property purchases. We advise on current market conditions and how your budget will perform in your chosen areas.


We’ll carry out our due diligence and thoroughly research the local market to kick start your property search.


Buying a property especially off plan, can be extremely stressful and is one of the biggest financial commitments you will make.

It therefore makes sense to use a highly experienced and professional buying agent who can oversea the entire buying process on your behalf. We’ll handle the whole acquisition process, from negotiation and reservation through to the exchange of contracts.


We identify the best properties at the right price by exploring all options available both on and off market through our extensive network of industry contacts.

We have the advantage of finding you properties often before they are offered on the open market. To save time, we preview and shortlist suitable properties so that you will have no wasted viewings and accompany you on chauffeur driven property tours.

Once we’ve found you the ideal off plan home or investment opportunity, carried out our due diligence in researching and short listing the most suitable properties tailored to your specific requirements, and accompanied you on viewings – we’re ready to proceed on to the next step.


The taxing process of sales progression requires an experienced agent to ensure a smooth, stress-free purchase. We’ll negotiate the best terms at the best possible price and will oversee the entire process through to the exchange of contracts.

As buying consultants, our negotiation skills, our ability to secure the most attractive price on a property – and our bespoke service with over 15 years expertise working in the dynamic property market – gives our highly experienced teams the edge crucial in a highly competitive market.


We provide a comprehensive lettings and management service so that when you buy property, we’ll have a tenant ready and waiting to move in.

Time-consuming. Stressful. Being a landlord may have its advantages. But managing a property also has its unfair share of disadvantages. Our property management service lets you enjoy the benefits of your rental investment without you having to shoulder the demands that come with it.

An efficient management service increases the appeal of a rental property to the much sought-after, high quality tenants. In a sector where the very best properties will be snapped up by discerning tenants, our Property Management Service provides a solid foundation for a successful rental investment.


When it comes to re-assigning your off-plan contract or selling your new home, as property consultants we can help you to obtain the maximum price, with the minimum amount of stress.

At some of point in the investment process, you may want to sell your interest in a property to realize the capital growth. Deciding on the best time to cash in on your investment can take a lot of work for the individual investor, who would need to be constantly up to date with the local market and their property’s place within it.

Let us oversee the entire process for you. From choosing the most appropriate selling agent through to the legal aspects, Harmony Real Estate will work pro-actively on your behalf to achieve the maximum selling price with as little stress as possible.


The exit strategy is crucial and something Harmony Real Estate carefully consider before recommending any of our properties. Our property consultants will identify the optimum timing for your exit strategy and can advise you on when to market your property to realize your investment potential.

We’re expert property negotiators and utilize our expertise to your advantage. We use our extensive connections within the industry to instruct the most appropriate agents to value and sell your property, whilst securing the most favorable terms. Our expertise and contacts in the property market means we know the best-selling agents to use for specific areas across Dubai and ensure the property is sold for the best possible price.

We have an excellent relationship with estate agents and maintain constant contact on a daily basis for feedback on viewings – keeping you updated on every milestone in the progress.

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