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Dubai Creek Harbour

About Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Harbour is an iconic waterfront community nestled over 7.3 million square meters. It’s a consistent community that indicates it is all in one and holds endless opportunities within. the community is divided into 9 districts such as (1) The Island District, (2) The Canal District, (3) The Business District, (4) North Park, (5) Central Park, (6) Park South, (7) The Retail District, (8) The Sanctuary District, (9) The Urban Core.

Dubai Harbour is a self-sustained community thanks to Emaar Properties. The developer brilliantly built this challenging project and still it is in the developing phase and yet to be complete. Currently, it is home to nearly 200,000 residents and there are more than 100 residential towers. All these towers are luxuriously built and offer end-users to choose their property amongst 1-4 bed apartments, 1- 4 villas & townhouses.

The community is featured with nearly 7.3 million sq.m residential spaces, 300,000 sq.m office spaces, 940,000 sq.m retail spaces and 66,113 sq.m cultural area, 500,000 sq.m park & open spaces and other major roadways.

  • 5.5 sq km waterfront community
  • 7.3 million sqm residential space
  • 940,000 sq.m retail spaces
  • 300,000 sq.m dedicated office spaces
  • 66,113 sq.m cultural area
  • 711,399 sqm
  • 500,000 sqm park & open spaces
  • 200,000 residents
  • 100+residential towers
  • 5 minutes from Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Available Projects in Dubai Creek Harbour