About DIFC

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) this extensive area encompasses corporate offices lining the prominent Sheikh Zayed Road, iconic structures like the Emirates Office Tower, and is intricately woven into the fabric of Downtown Dubai. It also shares its history with the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre, which once served as the financial epicenter of the city. Moreover, DIFC holds a significant place in the recently unveiled Dubai Future District, destined to emerge as a hub for innovation and economic advancement.

DIFC is not just for work; it’s a great place to live and enjoy hospitality, art, and leisure activities. It’s perfect for singles and professionals who want to experience the vibrant culture and entertainment options in the area. If you want to live near your job in the heart of Dubai’s busy commercial area, DIFC is a great option. They have well-designed apartments with everything you need nearby or a short drive away.

  • Spread Over 110-Hectare Land
  • Impressive Developments
  • Every Facility in the Vicinity
  • Better Transportation
  • Pool of Offices
  • Free-Trade Zone

Available Projects in DIFC